lundi 25 juin 2007


L'année scolaire est terminée. Cette semaine nous avons encore les cérémonies de clôture et diverses activités mais tous les livres et cahiers nous ont été retournés. Et j'ai redécouvert cet "essay" que C. avait écrit il y a à peu près 6 mois et qui m'avait à l époque laissée bouche bée.

Le sujet: "What machine would you invent to help you solve a problem you have?" (en 15 lignes environ)

My underwear problem

Note: this is fiction (ça c'est ma partie favorite...)

One morning I woke up. I was very stressed: today was my final exam of math. I went down to eat my breakfast then I brushed my teeth. I opened my top-secret drawer where my good-luck underwear were supposed to be.
-"NO!!!" I yelled "Where did I put them?"
-"Mom, Dad have you seen my good-luck underwear, they're white with exactly 101 red hearts?"
-"No. I haven't seen them sweetheart" said my mom "maybe the dog took them."

I was desperate: in less than 30 minutes the test would start. I looked everywhere: in the refrigerator, in the dog house and even in the garbage bin...
-"In 25 five minutes we have to go" said my mom.
Okay, no time to lose.
What if I invent a robot that can find my lucky underwear!
-"I can sell you my electronic workbench but it doesn't come cheap!" said my brother.
I had no choice: -"Okay, how much does it cost?"
-"2000 pesos" said my brother.
-"I told you it doesn't come cheap, but you know it's your choice, it would be a shame to lose those underwear..."

So I paid 2000 pesos and all I had left was one miserable peso standing alone in my piggy bank! Quickly I went to my brother's workshop. BZZ, ZZZ, FZZ, LZZ! I put anything I could find together. Finally the perfect underwear detector was born! It was not very elegant but I had no time to care about the look. I wrote my school address and drew a picture of my underwear. I pressed the activate program.
-"Sweetheart, we're leaving in 2 minutes" yelled my mom.
Rapidly I took any pair of underwear and put it on.

I had to start my test without my lucky underwear. !0 minutes after, there was a knock on the door.
-"Come in" said my teacher.
The humiliation....There was my robot, proudly holding my lucky underwear in front of the whole class.
-"Hello C., I found the underwear you lost!"
My friends burst out laughing and I thought I would die of embarrassment. However the worst was yet to come...

The teacher refused to let me go to the bathroom...So to get good luck, I had to wear them on my head.

What a day!

Quand je vous dis que ma fille a une imagination débordante...D'ailleurs cette rédaction est remontée jusqu'à la direction qui a félicité C. pour son "amazing creativity"...

(J'ai juste corrigé quelques fautes d'orthographe: elle avait écrit "humilation" et "embarassment".)

8 commentaires:

homosapiens a dit…

Vraiment chapeau bas!

sébastien a dit…

Heureusement qu'elle précise que c'est fictif, j'y aurai vraiment cru.

E. a dit…

@ homosapiens: Et haut les slips? ;-)

@ sébastien: Ah, toi aussi?

laurange a dit…

génial !

bv a dit…

très bon.
Mademoiselle c. est créative et a des dons de scénariste: son histoire est pleine de charme, d'humour et de rebondissements... avec une larme de suspense.

E. a dit…

Laurange et bv: merci pour elle, je transmettrai.

gryphon a dit…

Grandiose! Kafkaïen! Vendez chèrement les droits de tournage! :-))

E. a dit…

Tu as raison: peut-être qu'on pourra ainsi payer ses études aux US ;-)